Conveyors are made of the following metals

Each conveyor is designed individually for the customer and the features of technical production processes

Steel 3

Food grade stainless steel

Technical stainless steel


Belt conveyor

For bulk materials


Z-Type conveyor

Conveyor for loading raw materials


Scraper conveyor

For bulk cargo


Bucket conveyor

For bulk materials


Screw conveyor

To load raw materials


Inspection conveyor

For visual quality control


Roller conveyor

for boxes moving


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Components for conveyors

PVC tape

The line of PVC tapes is represented by a wide range of products made using different technologies and raw materials. Due to the low friction, the power required to move the belt, and hence the amount of energy consumed, is reduced.

Polyurethane mesh tape

It has extremely high conductivity and is considered an advanced solution in the electronics industry. The tapes of this line are made of polyester or polyamide fabric protected by polyurethane mesh; due to this design, the tape has unsurpassed resistance to abrasive wear during the accumulation of transported products.

Stainless steel mesh tape

Tapes, made of stainless steel mesh, resistant to aggressive environments and refractory. The tapes of this line are made of food grade stainless steel or industrial stainless steel.

Non-woven tapes

These belts are uniquely designed: the belts are centrally positioned and protected from above and below by layers of felt-like needle punched material, which allows the belts to move with a lower noise level than woven belts.

Tape with a rotor stamp

Belts for rotary molding machines are widely used in the confectionery industry. These belts are suitable for working with dough for all types of cookies.

Стрічка модульна

Має неадгезивну поверхню і сертифікована для застосування в харчовій промисловості. Менша вага стрічки дозволяє збільшити вагу продукту і виробничу потужність обладнання.

Corrugated board

Transverse blades that are welded or glued to the the tape and prevent products from falling out.

Drive belt

Flat drive belts with a traction layer made of polyamide, polyester and aramid.

Control unit

A device in a conveyor that controls and controls its electrical systems and subsystems.



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